*This post is not associated with cell phone repairs – It’s for laptop and desktop computers, and only in Southern Ontario*

Speed Up Your Computer Up to 200% (The Easy Way to Repair Computers in Simcoe)

I’ve been helping people in Simcoe, Ontario and Norfolk County for almost 10 years with their computers. I speed them up when they’ve slowed with age, and I clean them up if they’ve been infected with viruses or malware (there’s so many potential problems!).

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Quite often I find that most times, the problems are perceived to be viruses, but they’re not. A computer will often slow down over time as the result of the accumulation of start up programs that are all hogging processor power and memory.

As more and more of the programs and services gather up, your computer doesn’t have much juice left for it’s ‘normal’ day to day operations… For example, simply browsing the internet, or checking email.

When these very basic, and non demanding applications become painfully slow. It’s a sure sign you’ve got clutter.

Computer Clutter is the #1 Problem Facing Computer Users in Simcoe, Ontario

It’s true! Let’s go over a few situations that can lead to a nasty clutter pile up on your laptop or desktop computer…

1) Your Printer (Past, Present, and Future)

printers old times

Look, it’s 2018, most printers do not need you to install anything manually. The magic happens in the background. Generally speaking, you can simply plug in your printer to your computer, and you’ll be good to print after an automatic update makes the connection and installs appropriate drives.

The Problem: You don’t need to install anything. The CD that came with the printer? Toss it. 99 times out of 100, it is just fluff that you can totally live AND PRINT without.

You’ll see HP photo suite, or Epson ink reorder apps and programs. NOT NEEDED. They are totally useless and you can live without. However, if installed, these programs will leave auto update tasks on your computers, as well as little apps that run in the background. All leading and contributing a degradation of computer performance. It’s simply not good, and very easy to avoid.

2) Your Phone

Though most newer phones are getting better at this, there still exists some older phones in circulation that behave similarly to the printers mentioned above. Take Blackberry for example:

I recently fixed a woman’s computer in Simcoe, Ontario, who still loved her Blackberry phone. However, there was a giant piece of software installed along with the phone that enabled ‘cloud’ updates and backups. This program was HUGE. It alone added MINUTES to the start up time of this computer.

Apple does not really suffer from this problem. Though they have a minor process called BONJOUR, which is very easy to disable, it’s demand footprint is very tiny compared to some of the Android and ‘other’ categories out there.

3) Browser Plugins and Update Tasks

warning software update

We all know Internet Explorer is terrible… If you didn’t, please contact me immediately! As for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, they all have their advantages. However, Chrome is now the most EVERYWHERE browser out there, and it comes with a few startup services of it’s own that can accumulate to cause more slow down.

The Google updater, and Google Chrome updater are perpetually running as a background process on your computer. If you have Chrome installed, you’re wasting a bit of power on them, every single day.

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This is just a handful of the cursed ways our computers can be harmed unexpectedly, and we haven’t even touched on viruses yet! Watch what you do and install every day – Even by accident you can be inviting in programs with ‘good intentions’ that end up being another hand in your power and speed pocket.

Take care of yourself, you can start by talking to me, again, only for those in Simcoe, Ontario and Norfolk County. I typically repair computers in my own home, so a drop off is required to be arranged. Contact me here

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