Fix Broken Cell Phone Screen Near Me
Fix Broken Cell Phone Screen Near Me

Repairing Broken iPhone & Cell Phone Screens

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iPhone Screen Repair Near Me

Every city in North America is filled with iPhones. Every day, hundreds are dropped, thrown, cracked, slammed or otherwise have their screen damaged beyond usability. Stop limping through life with a damaged iPhone screen and call on us to have your cell phone’s screen repaired.

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True iPhone Screen Repair Story:

“So there I was, at the soccer park… It was a windy day, and I had sat my iPhone 6s on top of my sun hat on the picnic table in the pavilion. The ironic part is that I had put the iPhone on to my hat in order to prevent scratching on the bottom of the phone. A gust of wind came and swept my hat off of the table, taking my iPhone with it and from there it crashed to the hard pavement ground. My iPhone screen shattered due to the impact and I was mortified. This iPhone was barely a week old, and now I needed to repair the screen. Oh how my husband would be upset.”

Cell Phone Screen Repairs, Accidents Happen

Accidents happen. If your screen gets cracked or shattered, we can help.”  This is Apple’s opening statement on its official website support page. It goes on to talk about screen repair options and the possible costs for having it fixed at either an Apple authorized service location or when you send it to an Apple Repair Center.

Repairs are supposed to take 3 to 5 days. Like with any other phone, you still have three options when it comes to having your iPhone screen replaced – fix it yourself, have a third-party service work on it, or take it back to the manufacturer.

But what if you are trying to have your iPhone screen fixed yourself?

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Cheap iPhone Screen Repair Services Questions and Answers

There is a growing capacity to help folks repair their cell phone screens, along the way we’ve encountered a series of familiar questions. When it comes to repairing iphones and their screens, anything is in play, here are the most common questions…

What’s the Most Common Reason for a Damaged iPhone Screen?

From all the various methods we have seen a broken iPhone screen, the most prevalent and common type of damaged and broken screen seems to come from the classic “I missed my pocket” and thus the iPhone went falling to the ground. In our pavement jungle of a civilization, this usually means that a paved or hard surface is the opposing force and ultimate stopping force for the falling piece of technology. An iPhone meeting such a sudden stop can only mean certain doom for the screen and internal components. Though an iPhone landing screen first, or corner first can be detrimental to the outer glass shield, it’s not beyond repair.

The advice we typically offer to the “I missed my pocket” excuse is to be sure to keep your grip on your iPhone or other cell phone until it has most certainly penetrated the pocket/pants layer and you can physically feel the outer pocket material making contact with your skin. We’ve seen it live, we’ve done it ourselves, let’s get a grip and keep these marvelous pieces of tech safe and sound.

How Long Does it Take Repair iPhone Screens?

Ahhh, the question of the truly impatient 🙂 All of our certified technicians want to be sure your iPhone is repaired to it’s optimal performance and appearance level. Typically, for a screen repair, we can have that task performed in less than two hours. The main hang up is the finesse it takes to manipulate the tiny pieces involved. Also we must take into account the precision it takes to assure a screen replacement is adhered in proper fashion without trapping any dust or particles beneath. There’s nothing worse than a permanent fleck stuck beneath the screen.

For iPhone repairs involving more than just the screen itself, you may be subject to the availability of parts and supplies. The cost of some of the components make it cost prohibitive to carry many on hand, so we must order as needed in many cases. It’s these repair jobs that may bleed into the 24 hour range. We are sure to use courier services for ordered parts to assure nothing is left to linger longer than possible.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix my Cell Phone Screen

The average price to fix an iPhone screen is $199. This is an average price, as we’ve certainly seen some more dramatic prices in serious cases where the phone was all but salvageable.  Conversely, we’ve seen some smaller issues with screens such as scratches and minor cracks in the screen that have been repaired for the nominal price of $99.

You’ll see a variety of prices across the web as well, as you can come across do-it-yourself iphone screen repair kits for less than $40. Though great for the technically gifted, we aren’t all blessed with surgeon’s hands, nor the time required to learn a new skill. Also consider that Apple Care may come across as a convenient service, if, and only if you are local to an Apple Store, and don’t mind the long lines, and multiple appointments plus the fee you still have to pay them.

I Want Cheap iPhone Screen Repair, Can’t you Help?

To touch upon the previously mentioned statement, we can certainly help you get cheap iPhone screen repairs, you just have to be willing to do more of the work yourself. We could even supply you with the parts. The tools to repair screens, however, may be a bit harder to come by. If you check on the internet for screen repair kits you’ll see a broad range of products.

Quality is a factor, so please don’t let price be the only thing that drives your decision. Sure, cheap iPhone screen repairs would be amazing, but what we sacrifice in professionalism can end up costing more money in the long run. Just like you are certainly capable of changing the oil in your vehicle, sometimes the convenience of a trained mechanic can save you time and money, even in the short term. The same is true for iPhone screen repair services. Let us save you time and money, so by that token, maybe we are the way to go for cheap screen repair 🙂 Cheers.